Polygon Byte
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About Us

Polygon Byte Games is a small game studio in Wisconsin. We are a small team working primarily on social media games and smaller puzzle games. We have plans to take our development to the next level in due time.

Those of us working at the company currently manage our full-time day jobs at the moment. Our game development is not yet our full-time positions. We are excited to eventually take our team full-time, however. In the meantime, we work very hard to polish the games we currently have in development.

Currently the only official employee at Polygon Byte Games is Jamison Jerving. Jamison is the owner, project manager, and lead programmer at Polygon Byte. Jamison released the original Chains game under the Xbox LIVE Indie Games last year in May. After lots of thinking, it was re-worked for the mobile and web development platforms.

We are also working with a 2D and 3D graphical artist, Keith Kamikawa (Follow Keith on Twitter). Keith is working on re-designing the graphics for Chains and readying it for our mobile release on Android and iOS.

We have another game on the back burner for our next project. The details about this project are still up in the air but will be revealed soon.

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