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Galactic Attack and the New Blog!

Posted by Jamison Jerving
07/23/2014 07:39pm

What's up everyone!

First off, welcome to the new blog page. I hope that this will allow me to make more regular updates to the page and update progress on the games I am working. So, to start, I'd like to kick things off with some progress on my new game for iPhone and iPad, Galactic Attack.

Here's a list of some of the new features that have been added since the last video preview.
- Lots of core gameplay tweaks to help balance the overall gameplay
- Added new weapon and shield powerup icons
- Entirely re-designed user interface (now uses NGUI!)
- Added social media integration (FB, Twitter, and SMS)
- Three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard
- All new camera shake effect when aliens are destroyed

The game is set go into an alpha-release very soon. Here are some of the planned features for the final build that will hit the App Store soon (I don't have a solid date set yet).
- 20 playable levels, with 2 bosses
- 40 extra unlockable levels (2 individual level packs, 20 levels each, and 2 bosses each)
- One shot powerups to clear harder difficulty levels
- Full arcade mode that will be integrated with all aliens from all 60 levels
- Awesome music (already integrated)
- With 60 levels, there should be about 50 different aliens to destroy! Both in arcade mode and solo levels
- Full integration with Game Center for high scores, so you can compete and compare highscores with your friends and family

I am really excited about this project and I hope you are too!
But now I'm sure you just want to see the game! More updates will come soon.



Doug Jerving commented on 07/25/2014 11:58am [ X ]
Very cool. Reminds me of the old Space Invaders game which was highly addictive. But yours looks like it adds new dimensions and interesting things right off the bat.
Doug Jerving commented on 07/25/2014 12:01pm [ X ]
Jamison, maybe correct one thing on this page.
The paragraphs run out the page infinitely until a hard break is introduced by the poster. Somewhat annoying. Thanks.
Jamison Jerving commented on 07/25/2014 12:46pm [ X ]
Got that fixed! Thanks!
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